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Museveni injects Shs200m in Zakkah Fund

Kampala. President Museveni has contributed Shs200m as part of Shs400m pledge he promised to inject in Zakkah Fund to assist the needy.

Zakat, the third pillar of Islam, requires Muslims to donate a percentage of their wealth to the needy, whether in cash or in kind.

House of Zakat and Waqf Uganda (HZWU), is a non-denominational and not for profit organisation set up to manage and administer Zakat (obligatory dues) and preservation of Waqf (endowment) in accordance with the teaching of the Holy Quran, Hadith, Consensus and Analogy for the social wellbeing of Muslims and development of Islam.

House of Zakat and Waqf identifies beneficiaries and projects which maximises benefit to the Muslim community and distributes the Zakat on priority basis.

The president’s contribution will go to projects that support the poor, unemployed, orphans and widows, families of prisoners, the sick and people in debt, disadvantaged students, converts to Islam, and needy families.

The President’s contribution was announced this week during the official distribution of relief items to the needy families in Kampala.

The managing director of HZWU, Dr Anas Kaliisa, revealed that President Museveni was among the people who contributed to the Fund.
“In the year 2017/ 2018 HZWU collected Sh916m and it was distributed to 3,527 beneficiaries,” Dr Kaliisa said.

Deputy Supreme Mufti, Sheikh Muhmood Kibaate said Zakat is compulsory for all Muslims, not only for the rich.

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