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Museveni donates Shs5 billion to 110 groups in Rukungiri

RUKUNGIRI- President Yoweri Museveni has donated money, trucks, mini buses and an assortment of machinery worth over Shs5 billion to 110 groups of people in Rukungiri District, ostensibly to help them fight poverty.

The beneficiaries received the items on Sunday at Rukungiri Stadium.

Rukungiri is the home of Dr Kizza Besigye, the four-time presidential candidate, a political nemesis of Mr Museveni.

Rukungiri Municipality is represented by Mr Roland Mugume Kaginda, a member of the Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), a party that was founded by Dr Besigye and a group of other politicians.

Mr Museveni explained that he picked the money from the State House purse not from the national treasury.
The items that were donated by Mr Museveni included motorcycles, mini-buses, sewing machines, tents, chairs, garage equipment and motor vehicle spare parts among others.

“The money I am using here; I have taken it from my pocket as President but there is a lot of money in your government but you don’t know how to get it.

You don’t know each other and you don’t care. The young ones [people] have been caught up in FDC which is deceiving them,” Mr Museveni said.

On March 22, the Court of Appeal nullified the election of Rukungiri District Woman MP, Ms Winnie Masiko (National Resistance Movement) citing irregularities during the 2016 polls.

FDC’s Betty Muzanira petitioned the court accusing her rival of donating various items during the campaigns. The Electoral Commission (EC) has set May 31 as the day for the by-election to elect the next district Woman MP.

Mr Museveni said he rushed to the district to deliver the donations so that he doesn’t “get caught up” with electoral laws which bar candidates and their supporters from giving out donations during campaigns.

“When I was still in Kampala thinking of how I will reach to these groups, I heard your confusion starting again, that the woman who has been representing in Parliament has been brought down and that you will be going for another election,” he said.

“I thought these people will destroy my thinking because according to electoral laws, [I am] not allowed to drive people from poverty. When these people of elections have started, they distract me.”

He advised Ugandans to give birth to children they can adequately provide for.
“Lack of family planning makes a person poor. You find a person giving birth to too many [children] without planning on how much [wealth] he has. He later dies and the children are left with nothing,” he said. “I don’t say you don’t give birth to many children because for me, I want soldiers. But give birth to those you can [support].”

Groups that benefited
Rukungiri Special Hire Pickup and Car Association- 5million
Kibimbiri Tukorere Hamwe Group – 5million
Kagashe Bamwe Development Association – 5million
Nyakihanga Tukore Namani- 5million
Rukungiri Salon Association- 10million
Rukungiri Municipality NRM women- 10million
Nyakihanga (4 groups) -10million
Rukungiri Goodwill Ambassadors- 10million
Rwakabengo 2 groups- 10million
Rukungiri cattle sellers and buyers butchery- 10million
Rukungiri Tukorere Hamwe Group – 10million
Nyakabingo RUDIFA Beika Oguze – 10million
Rukungiri Transporters Cooperative Society- 20million
Rudifa Groups – 20million
Rukungiri Municipality Boda boda Association 22 motorcycles
Kitimba Youth Drama Association- 1 mini bus
Kagashi Bamwe Development Association – 10 tents and 500 chairs
Rukungiri Garages- Garage equipment (including toolboxes, spare parts, generators) and a breakdown vehicle.
Rukungiri Municipality Tailors Association- 5 sewing machines
Rukungiri Municipality Timber Traders and Carpenters Association – Wood work machines worth 193million
Rukungiri Municipality Washing bay- 10 car washing machines
Rukungiri Welders Association- Assorted welding machines
Rukungiri Lorry drivers, Loaders and Awners Association – 20million
Kigaga – 20million
Community based Organization Farmers Association- Karangaro 20million
Mobile money groups- 20million

Uweso Tukore Namani- 20million
Uweso groups (10 clusters) 30million
Ndorero Tukore Namani Women Group – 30million
Kahororo Development Association- 30million
Rukungiri Tukorere Hamwe Food Vendors- 30million
Western Division Women Groups in Karangaro- 30million
Rukungiri Central Market Development Association- 50million
CBOT Karangaro Cluster – 50million
Kanyinya 17 groups- 50million
Ndorero 9 groups- 50M
Rukungiri Youth Development Association- 50million
Kebisoni Youth Association-5million
Kebisoni Drivers Association- 5million
Kebisoni Matooke Tuhwerane- 5million
Kebisoni Roadside Kwetungura Group- 5million
Kebisoni Coffe Farmers’ Cooperative- 6million
Uganda Association of Mushroom Growers for Export- 10million
Boona Bagaigahare Nyekundeire Onion Growers- 10million
Ababeiji ba Kebisoni – 10million
Nimu Community Initiatives- 10million
Kebisoni Women’s Sacco- 30million
Kebisoni Boda Boda Association- 9 bodas bodas cycles
Rwenkuba Bakyara Tukore- 10million
Katungu Women Farmers Coffee Traders- 10 million
Mabongo Central Bataka Kweyamba- 10 million
Kahoko Association (19 groups) 20 million
Nyakagyeme Boda Boda Association – 15
Boda bodas Bigangari Bateganda Group- 2million
Bugangari Piggery Group- 3million
Bataka Twezikye- 5million
Nyabitete Youth Groups Association- 5 million
Nyakinengo Tukwatanise Youth Group-5 million
Rumira Twimukye youth group- 5million
Nyakinengo Tukore Women’s Group- 5million
Tukorere Hamwe Group-5million
Byenjero Bugangari Association- 5million
Bugangari Bakyara Tukore Namani- 10 million
Bugangari Devine Widows, Ophans and Elderly Association- 20 million
Bugangari Cadres Association – 20million
Buyembe Kwetungura Group- 20 million
Nyarwanya SACCO- 100 million
Bugangari Boda Boda Association- 23 boda boda motorcycles
Kanyankyende Paradise Development Group- 2 source pans, 4 food warmers, 200 chairs, 4 tents
Good Talent Youth- Music system and a truck
Rwamiraburanage Bataka Group- Pickup double-cabin truck
Nyakishenyi Youth Empowerment- 3 million
Buyangwe Development Association- 5 million
Nyakishenyi FC- 5 million
Nyakisoroza Youth Development Association- 10 million
Nyakishenyi Constructors and Carpenters- 10 million
Nyakishenyi Twombekane- 10 million
Mihenvu SACCO- 100 million
Nyakishenyio Bamukaka group- 15 tents, 750 chairs
Katonya Women Development Association- 8 tents and 450 chairs
Nyakishenyi Boda boda Association- 13 boda boda motorcycles
Engabo za Kigezi Youth Cultural Performers- Truck
Nyakishenyo Coffee Growers Cooperative- Truck
Ruhinda Women Group Making Soap- 5million
Nyamwimuka Development Association- 20 million
Rwamugoma Development Association- 20 million
Ndere Development Association- 20 million
Rwenshaka Sacco- 100 million
Rwoya Central Group- 200 chairs, 4 tents
Nyakitabire Catering- 2 source pans, 4 food warmers, 30 dozens of plates, 5 tents, 250 chairs Burombe Development Association and Catering- 4 source pans, 88 dozens of plates, 350 chairs, 5 tents
Ruhinda Boda boda Association- 10 boda boda motor cycles
Ruhinda Nyakitabire Development Association- Truck
Kicwamba Development Association Farmers- Truck
Nyarushanje Karama Bakyara Twimukye- 5 million
Bwanga Women’s Development Association- 5 million
Bwanga Universal Disabled Group 5 million
Rubabo Peoples’ Sacco- 100 million
Nyarushanje Boda boda Association- 17 boda boda motorcycles
Ndago Gospel Singers Association- Mini bus

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