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Kirumira asks court to reverse his demotion

KAMPALA. Former Buyende District Police Commander, Muhammad Kirumira, has appealed against the police disciplinary tribunal ruling which convicted and demoted him after he was found guilty in four out of eight service offences.

Mr Kirumira delivered his appeal to the Appeals Police Court on Monday in which he contested against the judgment as passed by court chaired by Senior Commissioner, Denis Odongopiny, almost two weeks ago.

“I challenge the conviction on several grounds and I do request that the Appellate Court makes a review based on the numerous facts I have highlighted to arrive on a conclusion that I am not guilty as charged,” Mr Kirumira’s appeal reads in part.

Mr Kirumira was convicted on April 20 on counts of unlawful exercise of authority when he arrested a Flying Squad Unit (FSU) operative, Allan Ainebyoona, alongside other four suspected robbers in 2014.

Court held that Mr Kirumira embarrassed an officer who was on lawful duties and was demoted from Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) to his former rank of Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP).

In his appeal, the embattled officer listed five grounds for appealing against the conviction among others; that court relied on evidence of a single witness Kamada Kayizzi who was not the principle witness, prosecution did not produce other witnesses including the said wife (principle) of Kamada Kayizzi whom he allegedly ordered to vacate and others including the landlord and the Defence Secretary one Mr Genza Muhammad.

“Prosecution did not mention the true particulars of the said wife as mentioned on the charge sheet hence lacking significant grounds to ascertain the charge.

The Police Standby Disciplinary Court convicted me on grounds of evicting the complainant whereas in the judgment, Kamada Kayizzi testified that he voluntarily shifted to another area in a period of two months,” Mr Kirumira states.

Police Appeals Court is chaired by Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP), Asan Kasingye, who also doubles as director political commissar. ASP Kirumira now waits for the court to quash or sustain the ruling.

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