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Miguna Miguna renews attacks on Raila Odinga

For the past one week, deported opposition activist Miguna Miguna has gone at it hammer and tongs on his former boss, opposition leader Raila Odinga.

In a series of angry posts on his social media platforms, Dr Miguna has painted Mr Odinga— the man he swore in as the people’s president, an action for which he was ejected from Kenya—a coward and a betrayer of the ‘liberation’ course.

The self-declared general of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) had declared war on election rigging, human rights abuse, corruption and poor governance before he was pushed out and later denied entry into Kenya.


“This is what @RailaOdinga’s “brother” @UKenyatta did to my house because I swore @RailaOdinga in as The People’s President. Has @RailaOdinga even visited my destroyed house? No. Has he condemned what @UKenyatta did? No.

@RailaOdinga is a betrayer and must be exposed,” Dr Miguna said in a tweet early Monday morning, mocking Mr Odinga’s handshake with President Kenyatta.

In the tweet, he posts photos of his house with broken doors after police forced their way into it in the aftermath of the swearing-in.

Dr Miguna’s Runda residence came under police attack two days after the January 30 mock oath that saw four TV stations shut down.

The fiery lawyer was then held incommunicado for five days before being ejected from Kenya to Canada via Dubai.

In all, Dr Miguna has taken offence with what he says was inaction by Mr Odinga after his second deportation last month, which he says the opposition leader did little to prevent.

“On February 2, 2018, Jimmy Wanjigi and @RailaOdinga promised to deliver something to me by 7am. They never came. Instead, @UKenyatta’s heavily armed thugs destroyed my house with detonators, abducted me, detained me incommunicado, tortured and forced me into exile,” he explained.


Dr Miguna, who served as Mr Odinga’s adviser in the Grand Coalition government before they fell out, leading the lawyer to pen a tell-all book, suggested that even then, Mr Odinga was not open to advice, or completely ignored them.

“I advised @RailaOdinga not to abandon the pure parliamentary system of government. He banged the table and proposed our current system. I advised him to insist on PORTFOLIO BALANCE. He went to Sagana for a handcheque. I advised him against Isaac Hassan.

He said Isaac Tibim,” Dr Miguna said, quoting the questions on the structure of the Executive, and the fight for reforms in the electoral body—both things that Mr Odinga is passionate about.

In response to one of the tweets, Mr Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) communication director Philip Etale suggested that Dr Miguna had advocated for violence.

“@MigunaMiguna, we all know what you wanted. You had bad intentions for Kenya. You wanted bloodshed. You wanted Kenyans to rise against each other.

Kill and maim. @RailaOdinga doesn’t believe in that. His handshake with @UKenyatta disorganised you. Kenyans want peace not NOISE,” Mr Etale said.

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