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NEWS Exclusive: Gen Kayihura Was Under Security Surveillance for Two Years

Detained former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen Kale Kayihura was put under surveillance for two years, long before military forces descended on his farmhouse in Lyantonde District to arrest him.

Gen Kayihura, one of Museveni’s finest military strategists, was suspected of being involved in a grand plan supported by external forces to take power.

Museveni, relying on classified intelligence briefings, decided to monitor every step Kayihura was taking.

In the 2016 general elections where Kayihura played a key role in mobilizing support for Museveni, the then Security Minister Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde had to to ensure the former police Chief did not form his own structures that would facilitate his possible presidential bid.

“Around 2016, Museveni obtained intelligence from many quarters that a country wanted Gen Kayihura to succeed him (Museveni),” said a high ranking officer who spoke on condition of anonymity as this is a very sensitive matter.

At the time, said the official, Museveni’s enemies believed he was “physically incapacitated” and unable to run the country in the long run.

Therefore, it’s said, those seeking regime change in Uganda had to find ways of helping Gen Kayihura take power.

It’s unclear if he bought the idea as he was seen by many as loyal to President Museveni.

We understand a plan was laid to expedite Museveni’s exit.

“The plan was to turn Uganda into a failed state by promoting crime especially kidnaps, assassinations and bombings. This would kill the economy as well as scare away potential tourists and investors,” the source added.

“The strategy also involved eliminating Uganda’s top cream human resource through killings or internal sabotage. The president would be fed with lies to get rid of stars in our system to weaken the state.”

Officials gave the example of top police and military officers whose rise in the forces was sabotaged.

Museveni was further informed that the hostile country would do a lot to influence public opinion through fake news on the internet and buying out influential Ugandan opinion leaders and newspapers.

The President was also informed that millions of dollars were being sneaked into the country to prop up opposition activists to win the hearts of the youth ahead of the 2021 elections.

Museveni lost his cool when he learnt about the plan to train activists to mobilize massive riots in Kampala which would be infiltrated by militants to wreak havoc in the city.

This explains why Museveni ordered the Military Police Chief Brig Sabiiti Muzeeyi Magyenyi to use all means to restore order following the arrest of Boda Boda 2010 commander, Ibrahim Kitatta.

Groups of Boda Boda 2010 had quickly mobilised to start action that would challenge the police and military.

But military police was decisive in their reaction, neutralizing the protesters in a space of hours.

While Gen Kayihura had carried out reshuffles and transferred many officers especially in his office, the President was not convinced he was doing a good job in cleaning up the force of criminals.


Losing patience, Museveni ordered the military to commence a crackdown on Kayihura’s inner circle leading to several arrests.

Highly placed officials said at one time the military prepared a report recommending the arrest of Gen Kayihura.

“It was a Friday and we all knew Kayihura would be arrested. Museveni saved Kayihura but said he should be monitored.”

When Kayihura went missing from his farm recently, many in security thought he had disappeared.

But speaking to ChimpReports earlier, Kayihura had laughed at reports he would escape.

“Why would I escape? Escape from what?” he wondered.

Asked if he was free to travel, Kayihura added: “I am to busy at my farm. I even rarely go to Kampala.”

Kayihura described as “evil” the persons behind the reports that he was planning to escape.

ChimpReports understands that even at his farm in Kashagama, security kept monitoring his activities.

Two days before he was airlifted from his residence, Kayihura had a private meeting with friends at Lake View Hotel in Mbarara.

Some State House operatives were seen at the hotel.

One of them confirmed to us that his job was to “keep an eye” on the UPDF General.

As of Sunday, Gen Kayihura was still detained at Makindye Military Barracks where he is being questioned by security services.

Kayihura’s lawyers, Kampala Associates Advocates (KAA) have since dismissed as false media claims that Kayihura faces charges of treason, conspiracy to murder among others.

It’s understood Kayihura has been interrogated about the Assassination of former AIGP Andrew Kaweesi on March 17, 2018.

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