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Rwanda: Youth Urged to Join Fight Against Corruption

Despite the measures in place to fight graft in public and private institutions, the vice still persists and, according to officials, it will require every member society to uproot it.

According to Rwanda Bribery Index 2017 by Transparency International Rwanda, bribery in Rwanda is decreasing on most of the indicators; however, there are some cases where it is on the increase.

The incidence of bribery in 2017 was estimated at 4.5 per cent, which slightly reduced from 4.9 per cent in 2016.

Also, Rwanda ranked third least corrupt country in Africa, according to the latest Corruption Perception Index, 2017, while it was globally ranked 48th least corrupt nation, improving two places from 2016.

During the events to celebrate the African Youth Day held last week under the theme; “Raising youth voices against corruption in Africa,”

young Rwandans were challenged to play their role and invest their knowledge and potential in fighting graft to ensure sustainable development of the country as well as the African continent.

During the celebrations, different speakers observed that the role of the youth is specifically important more so because they are most affected by the vice.

Bigenimana addresses the participants.

Young women, officials said, find themselves in a situation where they are asked for sex with the promise to gain employment or even promotion for those already employed.

The day, which was celebrated countrywide from three sites; Kigali Independent University (ULK), IPRC- Gishari and in Rubavu District, attracted youth from higher learning institutions and officials from the Ministry of Youth, Rwanda National Police, Office of Ombudsman, and Transparency International Rwanda among others.

Addressing the participants at ULK, Emmanuel Bigenimana, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth, encouraged the youth to be at the centre of the country’s transformation of the country by using their potential to avoid any obstacle its progress.

“The country has availed various platforms to empower the youth. It is not debatable that the future of our country as well as of the African continent is in the hands of the young generation. However, corruption is hindering our progress and you have to get actively engaged in completely eradicating it,” Bigenimana said.

He added that the young liberators who fought to bring security and peace in the country should be the example for the youth today to look up to.

Immaculee Ingabire, the chairperson of Transparency International Rwanda, said that it only calls for patriotism and integrity for someone to engage in uprooting corruption.

The event attracted a large number of youths.

“You can’t fight corruption unless you are patriotic and brave. You should love your country and avoid anything that hinders its development. Corruption causes many problems for the country. We have to fight it vigorously,” Ingabire added.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Jean Nepo Mbonyumuvunyi, the Commissioner for Private Security Service Providers at Rwanda National Police,

said that uprooting graft completely requires strong collaboration between various stakeholders, including security organs, faith based Organisations, and other civil society organisations, among others.

Mbonyumuvunyi encouraged the public to never give any room for the person who engages in corruption and those who embezzle public resources, urging them to share information in case any official asks for any inducement from them to give them a service.

By The New Times

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