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Muslims urged to focus on Allah as Ramadhan starts

Muslims across the country have been urged to refrain from activities that may compromise their religious beliefs and their personal relationship with Allah during Ramadhan which is slated to start tomorrow, March 23.
Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) spokesperson, Mr  Mr Ashiraf Muvawala told this publication on Wednesday that the council’s director of Sharia, Sheikh Ziyad Swaleh announced yesterday that since the crescent marking the start of Ramadhan was sighted, Muslims will have to complete the 30 days of Shaban and commence fasting tomorrow.

“We all know that the crescent moon of Ramadhan 2023 which was expected to be sighted yesterday was not seen. This means that fasting will kick off tomorrow. So, Moslims should be ready to honour the fulfilment of the fasting pillar,” Mr Muvawala said.
The secretary of religious affairs at UMSC, Mr Imran Ssali asked Muslims to focus on the major pillars of this period, such as praying, fasting and reflecting on their spiritual life among others.

“Ramadhan is not only about fasting, but it also presents a good opportunity to strengthen our relationship with God,” he said.
During the fulfilment of this Islamic pillar, the faithful abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, evil beliefs and actions from dawn until sunset. UMSC also announced that there will be special Ramadhan night prayers at the National Mosque at Old Kampala that shall begin at 8:30am throughout the holy month.
The beginning of the Ramadhan is not fixed since it is based on the lunar cycle calendar where the start of the new month is based on sighting of the crescent moon. However, fasting is always observed in the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and it lasts for 29-30 days.

Equally, the department of Sharia and Legal affairs in the office of the supreme Mufti in Kibuli acknowledged that Ramadhan will be commencing tomorrow.
In a Tuesday evening announcement, Dr Hafithu Walusimbi the head of Sharia in office of the supreme Mufti urged Muslims to use this period to help others, especially those in need and vulnerable as well as praying to the Almighty God or daily spiritual nourishment.
“We wish you a happy month of Ramadhan, let us show mercy and love to others as we fast,” Dr Walusimbi said.

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