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U.S. Confirms Airstrikes on ISIS in Somalia

Five foreigners among dozens of latest fighters to join ISIS affiliate in Somalia

NAIROBI — The United States military confirmed on Friday that it carried out an airstrike against ISIS militants in Somalia, in coordination with the Federal Government of Somalia. The strike took place on May 31 in a remote area near Dhaardaar, approximately 81 kilometers southeast of Bosaso.

According to an initial assessment by U.S. Africa Command, three ISIS militants were killed in the strike, with no reported civilian casualties. The command emphasized its commitment to minimizing civilian harm in its operations. “Protecting innocent civilians remains a vital part of our mission to promote a more secure and stable Africa,” a spokesperson said.

ISIS has been responsible for numerous global attacks, targeting civilians in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, while also plotting against U.S. interests and regional partners. The group’s activities have drawn consistent counter-terrorism efforts from U.S. Africa Command, which collaborates with local forces to prevent ISIS from planning and executing attacks.

“Somalia remains central to the security environment in East Africa,” said the spokesperson. “Our forces will continue to train, advise, and equip partner forces to degrade ISIS’s capabilities.”

Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, U.S. Africa Command is tasked with countering international threats and bolstering regional security. The command’s operations in Somalia are part of a broader strategy to enhance stability and promote U.S. national interests in the region.

The airstrike highlights the ongoing collaboration between the U.S. and Somalia in combating terrorism and ensuring regional security amidst persistent threats from militant groups.

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