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Uganda Denounces U.S. Sanctions Over Corruption and Human Rights

Ugandan parliament Speaker Anita Among. Photo/Internet

KAMPALA — Ugandan officials rebuffed new U.S. sanctions on Friday, citing objections to
what they perceive as undue interference in their country’s affairs.

The sanctions, imposed by the U.S. State Department, targeted high-ranking individuals
allegedly involved in corruption and human rights violations, including parliament Speaker
Anita Among.

According to the State Department, Among faces travel and financial restrictions due to her
alleged involvement in significant corruption linked to her leadership position.

Additionally, ministers Amos Lugolobi, Agnes Nandutu, and Mary Goretti Gitutu were also
sanctioned for purported misuse of public resources and diversion of materials intended
for Uganda’s most vulnerable communities.

However, the Ugandan State Minister for Foreign Affairs Oryem Okello contested the
sanctions, highlighting that the individuals named are currently undergoing legal
proceedings within Ugandan courts.

Okello argued that the U.S. actions undermine the country’s judicial system and constitute
an affront to its sovereignty.

A particular point of contention arose with the inclusion of Lieutenant General Peter Elwelu
in the sanctions list. Elwelu’s involvement in clashes between Ugandan security forces and
a local militant group, resulting in numerous casualties, drew scrutiny from the U.S.

Okello condemned the sanctions as unjust, asserting that they are primarily aimed at
Speaker Among. He characterized the move as punitive and an attempt to undermine
Uganda’s stance against LGBTQ rights.

According to analysts, the imposition of the sanctions by the U.S underscores the ongoing
tensions between Uganda and the United States, highlighting differing perspectives on
governance, accountability, and human rights.

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