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Traders’ Strike Expands in Tanzania, Threatening National Commerce

Dar es Salaam — Traders in Tanzania’s bustling commercial city of Dar es Salaam have extended their strike, which is now affecting other parts of the city and various regions across the country.

The strike, which commenced in Dar es Salaam’s Kariakoo market on Monday, a vital hub for trade in East Africa, is driven by traders’ grievances over the multitude of taxes and the methods employed by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) for tax collection.

By the third day, the strike had spread to the regions of Mbeya, Arusha, Dodoma, Mwanza, Songwe, Mtwara, Geita, and Iringa. Traders are exerting pressure on the government to address their concerns, which they argue are stifling their businesses.

Initial reports by local media suggested that the strike announcement was a hoax. However, the reality became evident on Monday when most shops in Kariakoo remained closed, signaling the traders’ resolve.

As the strike continues to gain momentum, the government acknowledged on Wednesday that it is addressing the traders’ concerns. Officials noted, however, that immediate implementation of all demands could significantly impact the execution of national development projects.

Meanwhile, officials are closely watching the  unfolding situation as the economic implications of the strike could have far-reaching effects on Tanzania’s commerce and development plans.

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