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At Somali hospital, alcohol smell overshadows failed bomber’s blood stench

By Jeff Mwaura,

NAIROBI – The strong alcohol smell consumes a hospital ward in the Somali capital where a suicide car bomber captured after he prematurely detonated an explosives-laden vehicle near Mogadishu beach is being treated, masking the bloody odor his boodied head.

Baffled onlookers including security officials look on as the man with bandaged taped on his left eye lies on a bed, raising the likelihood that despite Islamic Ban on Alcohol, militants drug bombers before they carry out attacks.

“He’s still intoxicated.” A Somali intelligence official said of the bomber who shouted slurs at officials.
The unnamed failed bomber detonated the car bomb after security forces opened fire on his after he ignored orders to stop on Thursday.
Asked about the alcohol smell, the man raises his head and said ‘f**k your mother’ to an intelligence official.

“Unlike their usual mistreatment policy, we shall treat him well, and in accordance with the international law.” One official told an Alleastafrica reporter who visited the hospital.

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