Kenya: Cheating female politician busted on hidden cam in bedroom

By Jeff Mwaura

NAIROBI – It was supposed to be a relaxing Sunday for the married Kenyan politician who shared cool Tusker shots with her toybot inside her matrimonial two bedroom apartment in the absence of her husband who at the time was on a business trip in central Kenya.

Unknown to her was that her long suspicious husband installed a hidden camera inside their bedroom to keep tabs on his wife who would have enjoyed a private encounter with her secret lover.
A cool day passed for her in the company of her 24-year-old secret lover.
Upon his return to home last week, the enraged husband who nervously watched sequences from his bugging device’s two-day long secret recordings had confronted his wife who upon seeing the footages collapsed after discovering the affair.

Depressed husband

Relatives who rushed the 48-year-old politician to the Nairobi hospital told Alleastafrica that the ashamed wife told them that she committed ‘sins’ and urged them to help getting her husband back, promising repentance and ‘fresh’ page to save her marriage.
Alleastafrica understands that the man John, a bank supervisor has since abandoned his wife and changed his phone numbers to avoid her calls as he plans to file for divorce.
He declined requests for comment by an Alleastafrican reporter on early Friday.
Alleastafrica cannot reveal the identity of the female politician in question for privacy reasons.
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