Kenya presidential election cancelled by Supreme Court



Kenya’s Supreme Court has annulled the result of last month’s presidential election, citing irregularities, and ordered a new one within 60 days.

The ruling makes Kenya the first African country to have a presidential poll invalidated by a court.

The election commission had declared incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta the winner by a margin of 1.4 million votes.

But the opposition argued that the commission’s IT system had been hacked to manipulate the results.

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After the ruling was announced, opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga said: “This is a historic day for the people of Kenya and by extension for the people of the continent of Africa.”

Mr Odinga added that he had “no faith at all in the electoral commission as currently constituted” and called for the prosecution of its members..

A lawyer for President Kenyatta said the decision had been “very political” but had to be respected.

Reading the decision – reached by a majority of four to two among the judges – Chief Justice David Maraga said the 8 August poll had not been “conducted in accordance with the constitution”.

Opposition supporters were seen celebrating outside the court building, as well as in opposition strongholds.

The election sparked days of sporadic protests in which at least 28 people were killed.

The vote had raised fears of major political violence – as was the case after a disputed election in 2007.


  1. To: Chief Editor, http://www.alleast I wrote the following commentary based on a news item indicated below. But ‘somehow’ the news item disappeared in a few hours!!! In any case, here is my commentary on that ‘illusive’ news item. I abide by your Management decision (without a trace of rancor) rezen
    Subject: “Kenyan supreme court annuls Uhuru Kenyatta election victory , 1 Sept 2017”

    Commentary, 1 Sept. 2017. It is AFRICA’S HISTORICAL JUDGMENT. Regardless of its out come, the judicial system of Kenya, Africa demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt there is inherent sense of justice in Africa. It simply, and courageously, negates the perception (meticulously cultivated by colonial powers) that Africa is not capable of rendering justice, democracy and freedom. The six -member Jurors of Kenya, Africa, just proved them dead wrong.

    It is sad to see the reaction of his Excellency, the Notable President of Kenya, with a meaning full name UHURU, characterizing the judgment of the Court as: Quote ““six people have decided they will go against the will of the people ””Unquote. That is unfortunate remark from a remarkable person. The Court, in its 4 t0 2 judgment, didn’t go against the “will of the people”. On the contrary, the Court upheld the Trust/Wish of the people to render JUSTICE in the Land of Kenya, Africa. As an African, in my minuscule world, I am truly proud to see the glaring negation of wrong concept of attitude of yesterdays’ colonial powers and other misguided representatives of today for their own motives.

    Again, to quote the Honourable President of Kenya, what Kenya needs now is “peace … peace, peace, peace…” in the inherent true meaning of the word “peace”. Responsible Kenyan Officials must make sure that the integrity of democratic institutions in Kenya is uphold for the benefit of the Kenyan people – as well as for the pride of the entire Continent of Africa. In that vein, it is incumbent upon the Honourable President to make absolutely sure that “democratic process” that he mentioned should be executed in a peaceful manner. WE MUST NOT LET those who have negative inherent attitude towards AFRICA to say >>>>”WE TOLD YOU SO”.

    But most importantly, The Kenyan Government and People must make sure that their honorable giants of the past such as Jomo Kenyatta with his comrade and those compatriots Kenyans who sacrificed their lives didn’t die in vain. The present-day President, the Honourable President Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta has the responsibility to ensure the stability and democratic process of electoral development. He has THAT responsibility for History and for his own Ancestors. THE END

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