Eritrea counts 19 000 soldiers killed in war

NAIROBI – About 19 000 Eritrean soldiers were killed during the two-and-a-half-year war with Ethiopia, which ended last year, President Isias Afewerki said on Wednesday in the capital Asmara.

It was the first time that Eritrea has given an official figure for its casualties, while the number of wounded soldiers was not disclosed.

Afewerki was apparently responding to popular demands for the government to announce the number of dead in the conflict, which was ended last June.

Eritrea has a population of 3,5 million and nearly every family has a son or brother or father in the army.

Ethiopia, whose population is 60 million, has not disclosed its casualties.

The two countries on the Horn of Africa signed a peace agreement in June 2000, as a result of which 4 500 United Nations blue helmets are currently patrolling a 25-kilometre-wide buffer zone along the thousand- kilometre border.

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rezen Sep 15, 2017 at 5:50 am

Subject: Eritrea counts 19 000 soldiers killed in war by Sapa-DPA, Sep 14, 2017

Commentary, 14 Sept 2017
It is an OLD story — embellished as usual. The “19,000” figure may very well be 57,000 Eritreans[1} of all walks of Life, perished in a “meaningless war”[2] instigated by the Dictator for his own grandeur. Sadly and surprisingly, the gallant Eritrean armed forces, who deserve historical acclaim for their bravery and dedication for what they believed-in, were SILENT when the Nation was derailed by a single human being. Forget about the Eritrean Intellectuals, who are safely secured in foreign countries, and armed with Doctor of Philosophy Degrees (Ph D) from Western Universities, to come to the rescue of Eritrea.

[1] Based on rough estimate it is approximately two percent of the entire Eritrean population.

[2}The term “meaningless war”, unbelievable as it may seem, actually was pronounced by the same person who instigated the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea — The Absolute Dictator Issyas Afewerki!

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