Execution claims are absurd – Eritrea

ASMARA – Eritrea on Tuesday described as “absurd” Ethiopian accusations that Eritrean troops had executed 17 ethnic Afars living near the front line in their two countries’ border war.

“The Ethiopians want to maintain an environment of hatred, so they come out with the most outrageous accusations,” Eritrean presidential spokesman Yemane Ghebremeskel told AFP here.

Addis Ababa on Monday accused Eritrea of executing 17 ethnic Afars after the people had reportedly refused to accept Eritrean identity cards and to join the army to fight in the 19-month-old border war.

Ethiopia has repeatedly accused Eritrea of conscripting Ethiopians by force, a charge Eritrean officials have described as “ludicrous.”

“The idea of forcing someone who is untrained and is enemy personnel is ridiculous,” one international observer said.

Relief workers reported that they had no information on the alleged Afar executions.

Ethiopia has deported more than 68 000 Eritreans living in Ethiopia and Ethiopia has counter-accused Eritrea of also deporting thousands of its nationals.

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rezen Sep 14, 2017 at 9:28 pm

Subject: “Execution claims are absurd – Eritrea”, By Sapa-AFP, Sept 14, 2017

Commentary, 14 Sept 2017
The so-named “ERITREA” (by European Colonizer) will soon [in all probability] be a simple fractured territory (as opposed to Statehood). And, hard as it may be to believe, Issayas Afewerki, the Absolute, Resolute, Dictator will have accomplished his long-hatched plan for the liquidation of “Eritrea”!!! It is not fiction. Issayas, the 21-year old drop out from University of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, — with a singular aim to destroy “Eritrea” (the people he hated most) — has accomplished his singular objective to satisfy his revenge against the “Eritrean” people.

It is an extraordinary psychiatric achievement of HATRED. It is hoped that FUTURE generations (scholars) of “Eritrea” (wherever they may be may be) would find their ancestors’ history of utmost importance and undertake a thorough professional emotionless research on the singular diabolical criminal achievement of a single demented young Eritrean –named Issayas Afewerki who was consumed (at an early age) by blind HATRED. THE END

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