Death Toll From Blast in Somalia’s Capital Rises to 53

MOGADISHU — Security and medical sources say the death toll from Saturday’s truck bomb blast in Somalia’s capital has risen to 53 as hospitals struggle to cope with the high number of casualties. More than 60 others are injured.

Police Capt. Mohamed Hussein says many victims died at hospitals from their wounds.

Somalia’s government has yet to release the exact death toll from an explosion many called the most powerful they had ever witnessed in Mogadishu.

Ambulance sirens still echo across the city as bewildered families wander in the rubble of buildings.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has joined thousands of people who responded to a desperate plea by hospitals to donate blood for the wounded victims.

The al-Shabab extremist group often targets high-profile areas in the capital with bombings.

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rezen Oct 15, 2017 at 10:19 pm

Subject: “Death Toll From Blast in Somalia’s Capital Rises to 53”, by AP, Oct 15, 2017

Commentary, 15 Oct 2017
It goes without saying, what is going on in Somalia is a TRAGEDY. Since Said Barre, Somalia did not have peace to forge any development. But, hard as it may sound, it is Somali’s problem and should be solved by Somali’s outlook and inherent mode of solving problems. There is no question that Somalia’s problem has to do with its unique geographical location — i.e. it is very important to other “players” who are only interested in their own prism. And that “prism” does NOT necessarily bode well with the interest of the Somali People. THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

Somalia must be left by itself to solve its own internal problems. There is NO ONE ON EARTH who knows the Somali people than the Somalis themselves. If they need help, the can (and always able) to ask or negotiate for it. If they have no need for outside aide, they should be let alone to forge their Life, suitable for the Somali people. PERIOD

The above is also true to each and every State in Africa. It is “interference” that caused, and still causing, problems in the entire Continent of Africa. Africa is a very attractive Land to the so-called Advanced Countries on the Globe. They need SPACE for their ever growing population as well as for their voracious need of natural resources. AFRICA finds itself in a VISE.

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