Kenya President Ahead With 96% Support – Partial Tally

NAIROBI – Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has won over 96 per cent of the votes counted so far from Thursday’s re-run election, according to a local media tally of numbers released at the constituency level by the election commission.

The tally, compiled by the Daily Nation media group with 200 of 292 constituencies having reported, showed Kenyatta had won 5.58 million votes, well ahead of rival Raila Odinga, who has boycotted the process.

Kenya’s main opposition party warned the election commission against reorganising voting in four western counties where polls did not open on Thursday due to violence and said supporters should boycott any process that goes ahead.

“We advise the people not to walk into this trap of death. We call on the residents of these counties to stay away from these planned polls,” Musalia Mudavadi, a senior member of the NASA coalition, told reporters.

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rezen Oct 27, 2017 at 6:29 pm

Subject: “Kenya President Ahead With 96% Support – Partial Tally” By Reuters, Oct 27, 2017

Commentary, 27 Oct 2017
PARTIAL TALLY:: >>>>>>>>>>>>96%
FULL TALLY:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>100%
What is new in OUR Africa?>>>> Zero, Nothing, Nada
What is OUR Future? >>>>>>>>>NO CHANGE. WE BLACK AFRICANS will continue to be the bat of a joke, at best; but the object of hatred by the rest of the World at the bottom strata of Humanity.

We brought it upon ourselves. WE CAN’T KEEP ON BLAMING THE WORLD FOR ETERNITY —- after all, we have over thirty-thousand (30,000) AFRICAN INTELLECTUALS of the highest order, graduate from Ivy League Universities of the Western world to lead their DEAR AFRICA. But, for mysterious reason, they betrayed their MOTHER AFRICA. Among them, there are vicious, cruel, Dictators who are milking Africa to death in conformity with (odd at it may seem) the COLONIAL MASTERS OF THE PAST and a NEW gigantic, sleek, polite, colonizer for the East.

AFRICA HAS NO HOPE OTHER THAN TO BE OBEDIENT SLAVE OF STRING OF MASTERS. If we disagree, the field is wide open to prove it otherwise. THE END.

rezen Oct 27, 2017 at 6:39 pm

In the last line of the penultimate paragraph, please correct >>> “for” to read “from”, hence, the line would read: “PAST and a NEW gigantic, sleek, polite, colonizer from the East” .

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