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Museveni drags army to back-Up deletion of presidential age limit

By Timothy Sibasi,

KAMPALA- At the helm of disagreements registered amidst the Central Executive Committee which is the supreme organ of the ruling NRM Party in Uganda over the proposed deletion of the Presidential Age Limit from the Uganda 1995 Constitution that seek to have incumbent president Museveni locked out from contesting in 2021 presidential polls; in attendance was president Museveni but kept unease with the dissenting voices from some members of the committee objecting the deletion of Uganda’s only remaining constitutional pillar stating a democratic transition of power.

The dissenting voices to his age limit deletion project, from the constitution were the NRM Youth League chairperson, Gaddafi Nassur, Vice Chairperson of NRM Western Uganda, Maj Gen. MatayoKyaligonza, and the NRM Chairperson for Karamoja region, Simon Aleper.

Museveni addressing supreme organ of his NRM Party, the Central Executive Committee

Believing in the power of the gun, Museveni who is now chatting a way in for the life presidency after 33 years in power, was left to a do or die option to drag the Central Executive Committee of the NRM to the High Command of Uganda Peoples Defense Force; in siders in the committee who sought for anonymity reveals that it was a difficult moment for civilian members of the committee to freely express their views before the army generals who constitute the high command of the army.

The intention for his unconstitutional act to involve the army in a partisan matter remains unclear, but independent analysts have perceived the move as having been a plot to psychologically cause trauma and intimidation to members of the committee who were holding a contrary view; as to whether his plot is sustainable your answer may be as good as mine.

The other revealed to us that the position of the High Command of the Army was to the effect that as the army,” will remain watching the logical conclusion of the Presidential Age Limit debate;” this speaks volume as to whether the army will remain neutral or tore partisan lines to support the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Gen. Yoweri Museveni’s interest to have the presidential age limit deleted from the constitution to allow him or his predecessor rule for life.

Museveni drags CEC before the UPDF High Command which is the final supreme organ of the army; in the photo Museveni dressed in his four stars combat addressing the Army High Command.

The under Part II of the UPDF Act 2005that spells out the Composition, Organs, and Structures of the Defense Forces in clause 3 (a) states that “The Uganda Peoples Defense Forces shall be non-partisan, national in character, patriotic, professional, disciplined, productive, and subordinate to civilian authority”. This legal requirement bars the army to involve or be involved in partisan activities that may compromise its loyalty to civilian authority.

Apparently many are questioning the intention of president Museveni to drag the supreme organ of the army, the High Command to such a matter that requires the army to remain neutral.

Museveni taking note of dissenting views of three CEC members.

The UPDF under Article 8 of the Uganda Constitution about Districts or City Women representative and Special Interest groups, clause (2a) says “For the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces there shall be ten representatives at least two of whom shall be women.”

However, section a hundred of the Constitution, bars them from playing partisan politics in parliament, bars them from voting on controversial matters, and allows them only to be listening posts unless if okayed by the speaker of the house to speak.

The following are the newly elected UPDF representatives to the 10th Parliament who are not allowed to participate in any partisan matter on the flow of parliament: Gen EllyTumwine, Gen KatumbaWamala (the CDF) Maj Gen Ivan Koreta, Capt Suzan Lakot, Lt Gen Charles Angina, Lt Gen Jim Muhesigire, Lt Gen William Mugume. Others are Lt FlaviaByekwaso who got 243 votes, Evelyn Asiimwe 159, Capt Susan Lakot being elected for the second time. Lt. Col Felix Kuraigye, Col Pecos Kuteesa, Col Francis Kagwira.

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