South Sudan clashes leave more than 170 dead

JUBA More than 170 people have been killed in fighting between rival cattle herders in central South Sudan in the past week, a lawmaker said on Tuesday.

“When it comes to those who are wounded, it is almost 200,” added Dharuai Mabor Teny, a member of parliament from the Western Lakes area, some 250 kilometres northwest of the capital Juba.

It more than doubles a previous toll issued late last week, since fighting between rival factions of the Dinka people, the Rup and Pakam clans, broke out on December 6.


The government has declared the fighting a state of emergency, meaning that soldiers have been deployed after local state officials were overwhelmed.

“The state of emergency is meant to curb violence,” presidential spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny said, adding the fighters were hurling grenades and firing rockets at each other.

“Civilians are locked up in very violent communal fighting.”

Local information minister of Western Lakes state Bol Machok said homes have been torched and people forced to flee.

Rival pastoralist communities in South Sudan have a long and bloody history of tit-for-tat raids in which cattle are rustled and property looted. Women are commonly raped and children abducted, adding fuel to revenge attacks.

Such attacks have worsened amidst the breakdown of society during the four-year civil war which began in December 2013.

Half the country is in need of emergency food and a third has been forced from their homes since then, according to the UN.

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rezen Dec 12, 2017 at 9:27 pm

Subject: “South Sudan clashes leave more than 170 dead, By AFP, Dec 12, 2017

Commentary, 12 Dec 2017
South Sudan [who do not have indigenous name] are used to killing, killing, killing ……….. They have done it for thirty years (30 years) and they are on their 5th year in killing each other after independence or freedom or what ever one calls it.

it is the example, the NORM of Africans. That is all WE can do — kill each other and destroy the Continent. WE are not used — hence, not comfortable — with independent Life, free from colonial master. It is alien existing to us! WE are conditioned to be dominated by ruthless Dictators. The moment we were given the TOOL of freedom and independence we are completely lost as to what to do with it. We are conditioned to that phenomenon, whether we have Ph D label on our chests or flat out ignoramus. It does NOT make the slightest of a difference. In totality, WE are subjugated people. Period. Prove me wrong, please. I beg you!!!!

Let us take another example: ERITREA. Eritrea fought against Ethiopia for thirty years (30 years) and got its Independence, Liberty, Freedom, Equality, Justice, Democracy, Pride etc etc etc but under ruthless, absolute, Dictator in conformity with the African culture of SLAVERY. Eritrea is now — after twenty-six years of “Independence”– the proudest nation to produce the second largest generator of Refugees around the Globe!!!

At present there are fifty-four so-called “independent” African countries. To be magnanimous, there are three countries that can squeak out to be called democratic country. The rest [fifty one of them] are solid SLAVE States under ruthless DICTATORS, without any pretension.

There is nothing left for Africa but only to CRY, TO ITS Heart’s CONTENT. THE END

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