Al-Bashir reelection campaign launched in Khartoum

KHARTOUM) – The National Initiative of Youth Around the President (NIYAP) on Tuesday has officially launched a campaign to re-nominate President Omer al-Bashir for a third term.

Speaking at a press conference in Khartoum Tuesday, the head of the NIYAP’s higher preparatory committee Yasser Mohy al-Din said “there is no alternative to al-Bashir except al-Bashir”.

He said al-Bashir is the “nominee for the 2020 elections”, calling on the youth to support the NIYAP campaign.

Mohy al-Din added the NIYAP would establish “al-Bashir house” across the Sudanese states and counties to list names of those supporting al-Bashir re-election and assist the poor people.

He pointed out they would organize a large celebration to give Bay’ah (declare allegiance) to President al-Bashir next month.

Al-Bashir’s term ends in 2020 and he couldn’t run for office again according to the constitution. However, some voices within the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) and the government have recently called for amending the constitution to allow him to run for the presidency again.

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rezen Dec 20, 2017 at 6:31 am

Subject: “Al-Bashir reelection campaign launched in Khartoum” By ST, Dec 20, 2017

Commentary, 19 Dec 2017
He will win by one hundred and one percent (101%) . Inshalah
As one of his followers put it: “there is no alternative to al-Bashir except al-Bashir”.
Bashir will also win the 2020 national election by land slide
How? NOT surprisingly, the constitution will be revised well ahead of the date to make he is a RULER for LIFE Hmmmm…… where did I here that trend?

Africa is Africa and it rimes with an African word for spongy DIRT.
Post Script
I read an amazing story — but I was NOT surprised. .{ref: BBC AFRICA NEWS]
It is about Zambia.
Believe it or not Zambia has Chinese police officers!!!
Apparently Zambia is a Home for 20,000 Chines.
The population of Zambia is 16.6 Million.

It is not surprising. If Africans cannot use the naturally endowed richest Continent, others would take over and even satisfy their needs for space for their ever growing population. Don’t worry about the African Dictators: They will get their share for Life — implying an attitude of “who cares about Black Africans”.

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