Fear as three bodies are exhumed in Luuka

Residents of Busalamu Village in Bukanga Sub-county, Luuka District are living in fear following the desecration of three graves within a period of one month.

The grave of Mary Tibawayika who died over sixty years ago (1952) was on Tuesday night desecrated and her skull taken by yet-to-be-identified people.

According to the deceased’s son, James Mujimba, the shocking discovery was made by residents who had gone to cut sugarcane.

Stunned relatives said the skull of the deceased was taken but remained clueless on who exhumed it, why and where it was taken.

Ms Fatina Wansale, the Village LCI Secretary, documented this as the third body to be exhumed within the Village in a period of one month.

Stunned residents gathered around Tibawayika’s grave following the discovery of her missing skull

“Recently, unknown people exhumed the remains of the late Annet Naigaga and Jamadha Waiswa, both from this village,” she told this reporter.

Moses Musoke, a relative of the deceased, said they reported the matter to Busalamu Police Post but officers failed to show up.

He said: “When we found the grave dug up and Tibawayika’s skull missing, I reported to Busalamu Police Post but to-date, no police officer has shown up to investigate the matter.”

Fida Bazira, the LCIII Vice Chairperson of Bukanga Sub-county, noted that cases of desecration of graves were on the rise in the area with three cases registered within a month and blamed police for failing to intervene whenever cases are reported.

Residents suspect witchdoctors to be behind the heinous crime and asked concerned authorities to intervene.

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