Mike Sonko angered by rivals with State House links

Governor Mike Sonko has accused individuals ‘close to State House’ of interfering with the running of affairs at City Hall.

Mr Sonko said the individuals might not be directly from the House on the Hill, but are within the system made up of a clique of people who opposed his governorship bid and had created the perception that he cannot deliver if elected.

“It is a story for another day. It is a very big story. There is interference, not directly from State House, but within the system. The interference is coming from the people who never thought I could be a governor,” he said yesterday during an interview with a local radio station.

The governor, however, said that President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto were not part of the ‘individuals’, hailing the two leaders as his friends whom he had worked closely with in his political career and continues to do so.


“We are partnering with the President in many development projects and he is also ready to release the funds they owe us. I have no problem with the President, he is a good leader and he supports me and we are also supporting him to have a good legacy as he goes to retire,” said Mr Sonko.

He further claimed that the individuals were the same people who fought him before and during Jubilee Party nominations when he faced former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth and also during his duel with former Governor Evans Kidero, contests that he won.

The Nairobi county boss said that the individuals had also put up a team to discredit his administration through opening of fake social media accounts to disparage any projects he posts in such platforms.


“There are teams put in place to create a perception that I cannot deliver. They operate through fake accounts in social media to bring me down,” Mr Sonko said.

At the same time, the governor claimed that he was aware of people who ‘misled’ his deputy Polycarp Igathe to resign, accusing them of being hell bent on causing divisions in Nairobi, but promised to deal with them politically.

“Two or three advisers misled him and I am sure he is regretting the decision but I am happy that we are still talking. I only take orders from the President and his deputy but these other people who want to bring divisions in Nairobi, we are going to deal with them,” said Mr Sonko.

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