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NASA UK Supporters travel to attend Raila oath

National Super Alliance (NASA) United Kingdom supporters will send representatives to attend swearing-in ceremony of Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka.

Chairman Kivindyo Ndivo on January 27 told the Sunday Standard that their delegation will represent over 50,000 members who have subscribed to their different political forums across UK.

“The team will leave London in the morning(Sunday) for the Tuesday 30th of January event, they will be carying our blessings,” said Kivindyo.

The delegation coming for the swearing- in ceremony according Vice Chair George Osore were excited because the inauguration heralds a new era for the country.

“We want to be part of this historical event, Kenya was about to become the first country in Africa to exercise this rare human right of self determination which is unheard of in the developing world,” he said.

Osore said the delegation to the 30th January ceremony is to show solidarity to their brothers and sisters for their selflessness to the extent of some paying their ultimate price in the struggle.

NASA-UK was established in August 2017 after the annulment the August 8th Presidential election results and since its inception, NASA-UK has raised over 5Million Kenyan shillings to supportvictims of violence and other logistical work at the NASA Secretariat.

Osore explained that his members feel that making Kenya a fully democratic country will ensure that development is fast and other social ills like the current run away corruption afflicting the country will be a thing of the past.

This, he believed will reduce the economic migration that has denied many African countries the much needed human resources which have in the past fled their countries due to economic mismanagement and political instability.

NASA-UK Peoples Assembly Speaker Denis Otingo said at the moment NASA-UK main concern was electoral injustice and malpractice that led to the August 8 elections being annulled and said functional and independent three arms of the government is crucial for any democracy to prevail.

“By swearing in NASA leader and his deputy, hopefully the government will bow down to the pressure for genuine electoral reforms leading to a free and fair election,” said Otingo. However, Otingo was concerned about the dirty games that Jubilee government may play to cause blood bath and blame it on NASA during the swearing in ceremony

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