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Juba warns off Khartoum over border military build-up

South Sudan has warned off Sudan for allegedly deploying troops at Kuek in Northern Upper Nile State.

The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) spokesman, Brigadier General Lul Ruai Koang, said the army in Juba was aware of the heavy presence of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) along the common border.

He said the Sudanese forces were moving with their heavy equipment along Kuek border, adding that there was no reason provided for the movement.

The movement, Brig Koang noted, was unusual and could be viewed as a security threat to the government in Juba.

“Where there is movement of manpower with equipment of combat service support, it raises an eyebrow,” he said.

The South Sudan military official further said the SPLA was monitoring the SAF movement closely and would respond to any action endangering the territorial integrity of the young nation.

South Sudan and Sudan have signed multiple pacts to cease border tensions in 2012, but there has been zero commitment to the agreements.

The two countries have also been exchanging allegations of rebels support from both sides since the split of the Sudan in 2011.

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