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Ethiopians praise PM’s inaugural speech

Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister, Abiye Ahmed appears to have succeeded in reassuring government officials shortly after taking over.

His first speech, presented in Parliament on Monday was highly appreciated by lawmakers and some citizens interviewed in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopians support their new leader’s determination to reconcile the Oromo and Somali communities. Many believe Abiye Ahmed, himself from the Oromo ethnic group, has brought hope for the unity of the country.

“Previous Ethiopian leaders have not paid attention to the concerns of the Oromo and this has caused a big problem for the Oromo. Recently we have also been asking the government to give us a solution to our problems as a nation.

He made a good speech and I hope that we will solve our problems and that we must be part of the solution, “Addis Ababa resident, Bayisa Waquma told AFP.

The Prime Minister also pledged to make efforts to maintain relations with Eritrea. He said he was ready to resolve “differences through discussion, for the common good of both countries.

“He sought the real cause of problems in all areas of life, social, political and geopolitical. His inaugural speech was very mature and inclusive.

This is the first time in my life that I have seen a large number of viewers and listeners pay attention to a leadership speech in this way,“Addis Ababa businessman, Derege Alemayahu said.

Experts say the new PM has what it takes to keep Ethiopians united in their diversity.

In the meantime, Ethiopians are waiting for the state of emergency to be lifted as well the release of more than a thousand political prisoners.

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