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South Sudan opposition give six conditions to government

KAMPALA- The South Sudan opposition have given six conditions upon which the new transitional government should be based on.

A statement issued by 10 opposition political parties on Friday says among the reasons the parties want is government to lift the state of emergency.

“The country should also adopt a federal system of governance during the transitional period through effective division of powers and resources between the federal, state, and local government,” the statement reads in part.

The opposition issued a statement in response to the Intergovernmental Development Agency’s invitation to the parties to resume talks.

They also want annulment of 32 states and revert to the 10 states as stipulated in 2011 agreement and ARCSS in 2015.

“Equitable distribution of resources among the three levels of government on the basis of well-defined transfers and accountability criteria,” the statement reads.

During the transitional period, the parties want “lean” technical and hybrid government at federal, state and local government levels.

They also want women’s special participation at all three levels of government at not less than 33 per cent.

“Special attention shall be given to the youth and people with disabilities and their participation and inclusion shall be guaranteed at all levels of governance,” the statement adds.

The opposition also want “complete overhaul” of security sector and restructuring of institutions of governance at all levels.

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