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Phaneroo’s Grace Lubega attacks Bobi Wine over drug abuse

KAMPALA. Apostle Pastor Grace Lubega of Phaneroo Ministries has attacked Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine over his alleged presidential aspirations.

The youthful preacher referred to Bobi Wine as ‘a drug addict’, ‘a ganja man’, adding that he is therefore not fit to lead Uganda.

Although Mr Lubega did not mention Bobi Wine’s name, it is clear that he was referring to the Kyadondo MP.

“If I have offended you I am sorry but you can’t tell me that I can front a guy with a Side B,” Mr Lubega shouted while on the pulpit as thousands of congregants nodded in approval.

It should be noted that on September 26, 2008, Bobi Wine openly declared that he smokes marijuana and that he grows it at his home in Magere.

Before joining mainstream politics, Kyagulanyi often posed for pictures while smoking marijuana.

Also, in some of his videos, like Mr Katala, he is seen puffing away on a joint.

He further blamed Bobi Wine for failing to change the ghetto. He said, “If you have not changed the ghetto, you are not going to change a nation! Stop selling your nation, your nation deserves better.

Africa will rise through men and women of God. The answer is somewhere but not in you.”

He prayed that Uganda is saved from emotionalism as it is only emotions that are making Ugandans front a candidate like Bobi Wine for presidency.

“Uganda can’t be secular, Africa can’t be secular, Jesus needs to come in,” he said in a video clip circulating on social media.

The preacher has now attracted criticism on social media with activist Dr Stella Nyanzi describing him as a ‘diabolical agent of Satan masquerading as a child of God’.

By Daily Monitor

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