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Sudan’s military council orders seizure of “suspect” funds – state news agency

KHARTOUM, – Sudan’s ruling Transitional Military Council ordered the central bank to review financial transfers since April 1 and to seize “suspect” funds, state news agency SUNA reported on Wednesday.

The TMC ousted former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir last week after three decades in power. Protest leaders have called for the country’s new leaders to tackle corruption and hold former officials to account.

The TMC ordered the “suspension of the transfer of ownership of any shares until further notice and for any large or suspect transfers of shares or companies to be reported” to authorities.

In a separate decree, the council said all state entities should disclose financial holdings within 72 hours, and that those who did not comply could be fined and face up to 10 years in prison, SUNA reported.

The decree applies to bank accounts and holdings of foreign currency as well as precious metals and jewelry inside and outside Sudan, the council said.

By Reuters

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