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We shall punish the pigs that killed Iculi, says Museveni

President Museveni on Monday vowed to punish the killers of outspoken blogger Ibrahim Tusubira alias Jjaja Iculi, as police confirmed taking in three people including the deceased’s driver to aid investigations.

“I condemn and treat with contempt the killing of this Ugandan by some pigs,” President Museveni said.

Iculi, a diehard ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party ideologue was brutally silenced with multiple pistol gunshots on May 6.

According to Museveni, “it is pigs that believe in using guns against unarmed opponents as NRM enjoys defeating unarmed opponents with counter-arguments.”

“Killing critics shows that your position is false and you cannot out-argue an opponent. Why kill him if he is wrong and you are right?” he noted.

Iculi’s fatal shooting joined a long list of unresolved murders in Uganda since 1986. But on Monday, President Museveni singled out few recent cases of deadly criminality that the State is following up.

“Do you remember the Bijambiya in Masaka? Most of those suspected killers are in the courts of law today. Do you remember the Kiddawalime group? Most of them are either dead or in prison. Kiddawalime himself was among the dead.”

“Killers are fake thinkers. They stand on false positions. Anyway, I can assure Ugandans that this criminal will be traced and punished,” the Ugandan leader emphasized in a tweet.

He added: “The NRM, NRA, FRONASA and UPDF only kill people in combat. We never use assassination or killing captives or prisoners.”

President Museveni disclosed that the State House comptroller will deliver ‘mataaba’ to the family of the slain self-proclaimed government-apologist.

“We stand with you and we shall punish the killer,” he concluded.

Meantime, police spokesperson Fred Enanga informed journalists that three people are in custody as a complex probe widened into Iculi’s heinous murder.

“Outside the driver, we also have two other suspects that have been arrested. We have three people whom we are interviewing for now. The driver is still in our custody helping out with certain lines of inquiry,” Enanga said in Kampala on May 8, a day after Iculi was buried in Mukono District.

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