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Kenya’s Supreme Court Asserts Independence from East African Court of Justice


In a landmark ruling, Kenya’s Supreme Court has reaffirmed its sovereignty, declaring that
its judgments are not subject to review by the East African Court of Justice (EACJ).

This decision comes as a significant setback for opposition leader Martha Karua and Senior
Counsel Ahmed nasir Abdullahi.

Chief Justice Martha Koome, leading the bench, emphasized that decisions made by the
regional court regarding finalized judgments of the Supreme Court hold no legal weight.

The court firmly stated, “We further hold that domestic courts and regional courts, in this case,
the EACJ, do not have a vertical relationship, meaning that decisions of the Supreme Court
are not subject to appeal at the EACJ. The EACJ also does not have a merit review
jurisdiction over decisions of the Supreme Court.”

The Attorney-General, Justin Muturi, initiated the legal proceedings, seeking clarity on the
implications of EACJ decisions for Kenya’s sovereignty. This ruling underscores Kenya’s
commitment to upholding the independence and authority of its judicial system.

This decision marks a pivotal moment in Kenya’s legal landscape, signaling the Supreme
Court’s resolve to maintain its autonomy and protect the integrity of its judgments

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