Rwandan Capital, Kigali Safer than London, UK Official Claims

NAIROBI — In an unexpected assertion, the UK’s Deputy Foreign Minister Andrew Mitchell proclaimed that Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, surpasses London in terms of safety.

Speaking on Monday (22 April), Mr. Mitchell urged peers to reconsider their stance on the government’s deportation bill, dismissing the need for amendments to the Rwanda bill.

UK’s Deputy Foreign Minister Andrew Mitchell

During an interview on Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr. Mitchell emphasized Rwanda’s remarkable progress across various sectors, hailing it as a safe nation.

“It is absolutely extraordinary what the Rwandan government has achieved in all walks of life. It is a safe country. And indeed, if you look at the statistics, Kigali is arguably safer than London.” He remarked.

The statement has sparked debate among lawmakers and security analysts, with reactions varying widely over the validity and implications of Mr. Mitchell’s comparison.

Mr. Mitchell’s remarks come amid heated discussions over the future of the deportation bill and the perceptions of safety in Kigali relative to global cities which remain topics of significant interest.

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