Ethiopia’s $75m Abattoir set to be operational next month

Ethiopia’s $75m Abattoir set to be operational next month


An abattoir owned by a subsidiary of Allana Group – Frigorifico Boran Foods Plc, will be commissioned next month in Adami Tulu, 163kms from the Ethiopia capital, Addis Abeba.

The General Manager of Frigorifico Boran Foods Plc, a subsidiary of Allana Group, Vijay Dongare said they are left with internal and external finishing works.

“Trial production is also underway,” he added.

Allana, an Indian-based meat processing company, secured 75 hectares of land two years ago, from the Oromia Regional government to erect the plant around Adami Tulu, near Ziway.

While the project has been delayed for about a year, industry representatives say the project is 99pc completed at this point.

The company invested 20 million dollars in the first phase of the construction, which is one-third of the total amount of capital invested by the company so far.

The plant, known to be the biggest factory between Shashemene and Ziway, will have the capacity to produce 75 of meat every day.

Approximately 200 cattle and 5,000 sheep and goats are expected to be slaughtered on a daily basis once operation begins. This will enable the company to package 75 of meat products for daily export.

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