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U.S. and Tanzania Join Forces to Combat Illegal Fishing

NAIROBI –In a bid to tackle illegal fishing, preserve marine life, and protect local economies, the United States is collaborating with Tanzania to introduce electronic monitoring systems on deep-sea fishing vessels and curb blast fishing practices.

These initiatives are part of the broader U.S. effort to regulate and sustain fishing activities in East African waters.

“A quarter of fish caught in the waters of East Africa are caught illegally, threatening marine life and the blue economy,” the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania highlighted on Twitter. “The U.S. is working to combat [IUU] fishing to protect fish stocks for present and future generations.”

Securing Tanzania’s Waters

As part of the partnership, the United States annually engages with Tanzania and over a dozen other countries in the region through Cutlass Express, a naval exercise aimed at enhancing maritime cooperation and security. This event focuses on tackling illegal fishing and securing territorial waters.

“It’s good the participants are here, networking and keeping in contact, working together on cases and consolidating communication on a national and regiona

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